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Opinions shape Stratford parking

People power has won through following the latest discussions on amendments to Stratford-upon-Avon’s decriminalised parking.

A proposal to alter the resident parking zones and extend the hours of operation until 10pm received more than 50 objections from local residents and Stratford Town Council, prompting members of Warwickshire County Council’s Stratford Area Committee to rethink the plan, and vote not to implement it.

Cllr George Atkinson, Chairman of the Stratford Area Committee, said: ``We advertised the proposed changes in response to suggestions made by residents, there were a number of objections, we listened very carefully to these views, and the committee agreed not to proceed with the changes.

``This once again demonstrates that when Warwickshire County Council asks for your views on a subject, it is in your own interests to respond, because your views can make a real difference.’’

There were a number of other amendments to the scheme discussed in the Area Committee debate, including an end to the free 20 minute parking period, which will be replaced with a nominal 20p charge for 30 minutes parking.

Cllr Atkinson explained: ``There have been a number of cases where people do not realise they need to put a ticket in their car because it is free. As a result they have received a ticket. We feel the nominal 20p charge with the extension to 30 minutes is a way to ensure that more people buy a ticket, and we reduce the number of people receiving unnecessary fines.’’

An amendment to provide free parking before midday on a Sunday could not be implemented by Warwickshire County Council following a decision by Stratford-on-Avon District Council not to abolish its pre-midday charging in off-street car parks.

For full details of all the changes visit the Council and Community section of http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk and click on Stratford on Avon Area Committee under Public Committee Papers. Or visit http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/decrim for more information on the decriminalisation of parking in Warwickshire.