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Thrive and Survive

Older people are great survivors! Life is not a smooth transition from birth to old age, and the longer people live, the more hurdles they have to overcome.

Every year Warwickshire’s older people come together at their annual event to share their experiences and inspire others. This year’s event, Thrive and Survive, is at the Warwick Hilton on Friday 6 October 2006 and is full of practical advice and activities.  Walking, line dancing, Telecare and singing, are some of the activities that are being offered to promote a sense of wellbeing.

Guest speakers on the day are Graeme Betts, Director of Adult Health and Community Services of Warwickshire County Council; William Brown from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue; and Mike Slater from Warwickshire Police. Their aim is to pursue the theme of prevention and wellbeing.

The older people of Warwickshire have all experienced their share of traumas and difficulties.  And yet they manage to thrive! From the distress of the loss of a pet or a burglary to the major blows of family breakdown, accidental injury, ill health or bereavement, what looks as if life has come to a halt has to be overcome somehow.  Life goes on even though it is not the same.

One of our Warwickshire Forum members, who lives alone, came downstairs one morning and found a strange man asleep on her sofa!  Of course she called the police and they took him away, but still it was a horrible jolt, something that she had to get over and regain her equanimity.
Brenda Hardy, Chair of the Warwickshire Older People’s Forum, said
“The Planning committee spent a lot of time and energy preparing for the annual event, ‘Thrive and Survive’.  The aim is to look at wellbeing, and hopefully to keep our independence, enabling us to remain in our own homes.”