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Warwickshire man to help shape global waste disposal

An employee of Warwickshire County Council has become one of the most influential people on the planet in steering how rubbish is disposed of.

Derek Greedy, the county council’s Principal Waste Management Advisor, has become the Chairman of the International Solid Waste Association’s (ISWA) Sanitary Landfill Working Group, a post he will hold for the next four years.

And Derek will now be driving forwards the following objectives on a global scale:

Track what is going on internationally in the landfill industry
Develop training courses for both economically developing and economically developed countries
Work in partnership with organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNEP) and Methane to Markets (M2M)
Provide technical support to the membership
Address the issues of sustainability and climate change
Develop landfill policy
Provide written material for members such as the Landfill Operations Guidelines, a live document that requires regular updates
Participate in major events worldwide relating to landfill

Derek said: “My role as chair will be to coordinate all of the above and to chair two meetings of the working group each year one of which will take place at the annual congress of ISWA.

“The most pleasurable part of being a member of the working group has been the delivery of landfill training to such exotic and far reaching locations as the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Russia and Turkey.”

ISWA is a Non-Government Organisation representing some of the major solid waste practitioners as individuals, waste management companies and the national members that seeks to promote and develop sustainable waste management worldwide.

There are more than 50 national members ranging from small nations, like Singapore, running right to the larger, such as China.

The national membership is also representative of the economically developing countries such as Turkey and Bulgaria as well as the economically developed like the UK, USA and much of Europe.

The national member is normally an institutional body from within the country, which in the case of the UK is the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

The governing body of ISWA is its board, which has reporting to it a Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) which has beneath it a number of Working Groups of which the Sanitary Landfill Working Group is just one of ten. The chairs of each of the working groups then forms the STC, which has at its helm an elected chair. Each of the national members and the organisational members are allowed to nominate members to serve on any of the working groups as they see fit. Derek was nominated to the Sanitary Landfill Working Group in 1996 and has represented the UK ever since.

His election as chair came about following the resignation of the incumbent chair, who has now become ISWA’s Managing Director.