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Drivers need to be cautious of flooded roads

Localised flooding remains on many roads around Warwickshire and with rain forecast this week motorists are being called upon to obey ‘road closed’ signs and to be careful when driving over standing water.

Andrew Savage, Warwickshire County Council’s County Highways Operational Services Managers, said: “During the past weekend we have had to close more than 60 roads with the assistance of the police to help ensure the safety of motorists. The weekend has stretched resources with several crews from Carillion Highway Maintenance having to clear fallen trees, provide sand bags, pump out properties using jetting lorries and put out hundreds of warning signs.

“It was quite remarkable how quickly the level of floods and water courses changed on Friday. Fortunately compared to the Easter 1998 floods it appears no loss of life was sustained. A number of drivers had to be rescued by helicopter early Saturday morning in southern parts of the county.”

Mr Savage said a number of roads sustained damage through the sheer force and velocity of floodwater. The Fosse Way has been damaged in two locations.

Many drivers sustained damage to vehicles as they attempted to drive through flood water.

Mr Savage said: “The extent of abandoned cars highlight the vulnerability of cars going through not much more than 100-150mm of water.  It is particularly hazardous driving across flowing floodwater whether it is river water or from adjacent fields, even 4x4 vehicles got caught out as drivers attempted to get through the water.”

A number of bridges have sustained parapet damage due to the height of the flooding. Detailed underwater inspections will be carried out in August when the water levels are hopefully lower to check for scour erosion to foundations.

The current situation with road closures at 14:30 on Monday is as follows:

South Warwickshire Road Closures

Current Closed Roads:-
C46- Welford upon Avon – Bridge closed still flooding either side of bridge.– debris now cleared, road closed to prevent vehicles from entering the vicinity.

2. Roads damaged by flooding but passable through “shuttle” traffic light control -
Fosse Way –south of Bowshot Crossroads
Fosse Way – near Eathorpe

3. Roads Opened after former main flood closure.- Passable with Care. Likely to have some ponding of water or run-off from fields during main flooding

Harbury Lane – Passable With Care
Ford Lane – Langley Now Passable
A4189 Henley High Street – Now Passable
Kenilworth Ford Now Passable
Middletown Lane – Sambourne - Passable With Care
Heath End Lane - Passable With Care
Snitterfield Lane – Passable With Care
A3400 Bearley – Passable With Care
B4087 Newbold Road – Passable with care
A3400 Birmingham Road, Stratford – Passable With Care
A3400 High Street, Henley – Passable With Care
B439 Tower Hill, Bidford to A46 – passable with care – abandoned vehicles
B4085 Honeybourne Road, Bidford – abandoned vehicles
B439 Evesham Road – Luddington to Binton
Old Stratford Road/School Road – Alcester to Globe Island
Bridge Street – Wellesbourne - passable
B4086 Tiddington Road – Stratford - passable
A439 Warwick Road – Stratford passable
Jill Lane – Studley
B4035 Brailes Road – Shipston
A46 Nr Bidford (not WCC)
Willes Road Leamington Spa passable
Radford Road - passable
Shipston A429/A4300 Treddington
Quinney’s Lane Bidford
Main Road, Eathorpe Tree removed
Main Road & Victoria Road, Bidford - passable
School Road, Alcester
Dormer Place, Leamington - passable / Clear of water 16:30 22-July
Road leading to Atherstone on Stour from A3400 (bridge parapet damage)- passable
Morefield Road, Alcester . Passable
    34.  Gunning Bridge – Alcester   - clear
    35.  B4085 Bidford Bridge - open but some flooding south of bridge.

Closures elsewhere:

1. Current Closed Roads:-
Lichfield Road- Belfry Closed
A4091 Middleton Closed

2. Roads damaged by flooding but passable through “shuttle” traffic light control -

3. Roads Opened after former main flood closure.- Passable with Care. Likely to have some ponding of water or run-off from fields during main flooding or following heavy rain.

Marston Lane Bedworth
Ansley Road
Church Road- Long Itchington
Coventry Road – Bulkington
Gypsy Lane- Nuneaton Both Ends - Marston Gabbit - Nuneaton
Wolston Lane - Ryton on Dunsmore
Marton A423 – River Bridge
Marton River - Burston
A426- Dunchurch near Kites Hardwicke
B4114- by Bull Inn, Nuneaton
A428 Church Lawford –Fosse Way - Princethorpe
Minworth Road – Water Orton open
Queen Elisabeth Road – Nuneaton
B4098 Kingsbury South of B4097 open
Mill Crescent – Kingsbury open
B4114 Blyth Bridge – Coleshill – open
B4114 Shustoke open
Buckshill – Junc Frensham Drive
Farm Lane Grendon – open
Polesworth by river bridge - Signs up open

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