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Warwickshire schools forge links with India

Hot on the heels of Brown and Branson, a delegation of headteachers and assistant heads from Warwickshire is to visit India on February 1.

The week-long visit, which has been organised by Warwickshire County Council and funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and HSBC bank, aims to establish educational and cultural ties between schools in Mumbai and Warwickshire.

India is a major country in the new world economy and Mumbai is flourishing as a commercial and cultural hub. As well as housing stock exchanges, major businesses and a seaport, Mumbai is also home to the Bollywood film industry and a booming tourism trade.

Eight headteachers and assistant heads from Warwickshire will be developing collaborative projects with their host schools in Mumbai and exchanging ideas on a range of subjects from IT to environmental issues. They will set up school exchanges which will see pupils in Warwickshire working on joint activities with their Indian counterparts and setting up e-links.

Mark Gore Head of Education, Partnerships and School Performance for Warwickshire County Council said: “This exciting project not only gives our teachers the opportunity to travel and learn about other cultures but it will undoubtedly enrich teaching and learning in our schools. By sharing our experiences and best practice with our international counterparts, we want to help raise standards and achievements in our schools in Warwickshire.”

“While some pupils may be learning about India for the first time, there are also many families in Warwickshire who have strong family links with India. It is our aim to build on these links and improve opportunities for young people in the county.”

The schools taking part include Bilton High School and St Andrew’s Benn CofE Primary in Rugby, George Eliot Community School and Wembrook Primary in Nuneaton, Kineton High School, Wellesbourne CofE Primary, Myton School in Warwick, and Lillington Primary School.

Warwickshire has long recognised the benefits of educational links with other countries and with the support of the British Council for the last three years has enjoyed strong ties with the booming city of Shenzhen in South East China. This has resulted in the introduction of Mandarin to a number of schools and lessons have been enriched further through subjects such as music and history.  Teachers from Shenzhen have already started to teach their language in England, while Warwickshire schools are sharing their expertise in other subjects.