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Talisman Square improvement works

Work is getting underway next Monday to improve the road system as part of the Talisman Square development in Kenilworth.

The development, which includes a new Waitrose store, will require an improved road system, and various works are being carried out.

This involves the implementation of a one-way traffic system on Bertie Road, Station Road and Southbank Road, with associated traffic calming measures. The scheme also includes modifying the Waverley Road/Warwick Road junction to incorporate a right turn lane into Waverley road from Warwick Road, a new Zebra crossing on Station Road and a Puffin crossing on Priory Road.

Construction is likely to take 12 weeks to complete, and Weldon Plant Ltd is carrying out the work. 

Works have been planned to co-ordinate with the major sewerage work being carried out by Severn-Trent Water, to keep traffic disruption to a minimum. The one-way traffic system is being implemented following the completion of Severn-Trent’s work in Waverley Road, and work on Priory Road and at the Waverley Road/Warwick Road junction are being carried out whilst there is less traffic in the area due to the Severn-Trent closure of Warwick Road.

Details of the changes to the road layout and the new one-way traffic system, which is due to come into effect in early June, are available on the Warwickshire website http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk