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Talisman Square improvement works

Work is underway to improve the road system as part of the Talisman Square development in Kenilworth.

This includes the implementation of a new one-way traffic system on Bertie Road, Station Road and Southbank Road, with associated traffic calming measures.

The new one-way system will come into operation on Monday, 2 June. The roads, which will become one way are:

Station Road eastbound from Bertie Road to Waverley Road;
Station Road westbound from 50 metres west of the Abbey End car park access road to Warwick Road;
Bertie Road northbound from Waverley Road to the new Waitrose access 30 metres south of Station Road:
Southbank Road southbound for a length of 12 metres adjacent to Station Road.

In preparation for this, a short section of Bertie Road near Bertie Court will be closed to traffic from tomorrow (Wednesday 28 May) until Monday 2 June for the construction of a road narrowing and raised table.

Access will be maintained to all properties in Bertie Road during this time.  Access to the Health Centre and the Nursery School will be from the Station Road end.

Following the implementation of the one-way system, the other traffic calming measures, consisting of road narrowings and road realignments, will be constructed. All roads will remain open during this time, although widths may be restricted at times.

The one-way system will improve the flow of traffic in the area, including the traffic to the Talisman Square/Waitrose car park in Bertie Road, which will be opened in July. It will also improve safety at the junctions of Bertie Road/Waverley Road and Southbank Road/Abbey Hill, which currently have restricted visibility.

Further details of the changes to the road layout and the new one-way traffic system, are available on the Warwickshire website http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk