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Bridging the River Avon

Massive beams, each measuring about 55m in length, have been delivered and are being positioned across the River Avon as part of the £37m Rugby Western Relief Road project.

The delivery yesterday meant that a length of the A426 between the Tesco Roundabout and Avon Mill Roundabout had to be closed to northbound traffic for about 15 minutes to allow the beams to come down on the wrong side of the road, as this was the only way they can get round the Avon Mill Roundabout and up Newbold Road.

The steel erection on the bridge is now underway, with the first beams being lowered into place. These works will take about two weeks to complete.

However, plans to get work underway on the Cawston Bridleway Bridge have unfortunately had to be postponed and this is now likely to begin on Wednesday, March 4.

There will be a revisit of some students from Brooke School and also representatives from the local charity "Circles Network" there to view this operation.

Visit http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/rwrr for all the latest information.