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Admissions to selective schools in Rugby

Warwickshire County Council’s cabinet has agreed to the introduction of new admissions arrangements for Rugby grammar schools.

The changes, which have also been adopted by the governing bodies of the two grammar schools, will come into effect from September 2010.

In October 2008, following a complaint from Northamptonshire’s Admissions Forum, the Schools Adjudicator ruled that Warwickshire was obliged to make changes to the admission arrangements to selective schools in Rugby in order to reduce the impact on Daventry comprehensive schools.

Following a period of consultation carried out by Warwickshire County Council (on behalf of Ashlawn School) and the governing bodies of Lawrence Sheriff and Rugby High Schools, revised admission arrangements are to be introduced for Year 7 selective places in September 2010.

From that date half the places will be offered to pupils qualifying for a place who live in the current ‘circle’ which includes Rugby as well as parts of Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Coventry and north and central Warwickshire. The remaining allocation will then be offered to pupils living in the eastern area – Rugby and the surrounding areas which are in the combined priority areas of Bilton, Ashlawn and Avon Valley schools.

These changes take account of the large number of responses to the proposal to change to a smaller admission area based on Rugby.
Councillor Izzi Seccombe, Cabinet member for Children, Young People and Families, feels that the schools and the county council have been placed in a very difficult position by the Schools Adjudicator’s decision and with a short timescale to resolve, but is confident that the new arrangements not only comply with this ruling but also maintain an important element of parental choice.

She said: “While we are delighted that the grammar schools in Rugby are so popular with parents across such a vast area, we believe that we have found the best available solution for parents in light of the adjudication.”

New Arrangements for Admission to Rugby Selective Schools in September 2010:

To Offer 50 per cent of places (47 at Lawrence Sheriff, 47 at Rugby High School and 15 at Ashlawn) to children living in the area indicated in Area i below

Area i
The circle with a radius equal to the distance between the farthest point of the original priority area and a shared point for the two single sex schools in the area which in East Warwickshire is the water tower just outside Rugby town and runs approximately 10 miles to include Bubbenhall. 

To offer the remaining 50% of places (47 at Lawrence Sheriff, 47 at Rugby High School and 15 at Ashlawn) to children living in Area ii, set out below

Area ii
Rugby plus the parishes of Dunchurch, Thurlaston, Leamington Hastings, Birdingbury, Grandborough, Wolfhamcote, Willoughby, Binley Woods, Brinklow, Brandon and Bretford, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Bubbenhall, Wolston, Church Lawford, Long Lawford, Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Princethorpe, Frankton, Marton, Bourton and Draycote, Churchover, Clifton-on-Dunsmore, Combe Fields, Cosford, Easenhall, Harborough Magna, Kings Newnham, Little Lawford, Monks Kirby, Newton and Biggin, Pailton, Stretton-under-Fosse, Wibtoft, Willey, Withybrook.

Within these areas places to be offered as follows:

i. Children in the care of, or provided with accommodation by, a local authority (under Section 22 of the Children Act 1989) who meet the qualifying standard for the school.

ii. Children who meet the qualifying standard for the school.

iii. Children who have been considered by the Committee of Reference and placed as ‘exceptions’.

Within all criteria first priority is given to those achieving the highest score in the11+ test.  Where there is a need to split any category or group of pupils, places will be offered by taking the pupil’s score in the Numeracy section of the paper.  Where there is a further need to split any category places will then be offered in accordance with distance between the child’s home and school (shortest distance = highest priority).  Distance will be calculated by the straight line measurement from the applicant’s home address location to the centre point (“centroid”) of the preferred school.  (All measurements are subject to prepositional accuracy changes.)