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Warwickshire’s future

Big names will be talking to Warwickshire’s educational elite on how we can transform our educational system for the future next week.

Warwickshire County Council is hosting a two day event on 23 and 24 November that brings secondary school and college leaders, governors and local politicians together with high ranking educationalists to work on Warwickshire’s response to the government’s “Transforming Education” programme.

Speakers include the Rt Hon the Baroness Estelle Morris, Ty Goddard the Chief Executive of the British council for School Environment, Sir John Jones, Accelerated Learning in Training and Education and Wayne Hemingway one of Britain’s most acclaimed designers to name but a few.

The Transforming Education project is about pulling together the raft of major schemes to improve schools across Warwickshire.  Headed up by Mark Gore, the project team is overseeing the development of a new vision for education in the county and the investment to make it happen.

The main planks of the transforming education agenda are Primary Strategy for Change, for which Warwickshire will receive £12 million of Government funding over 2 years with more promised in subsequent years to renew up to 100 primary school buildings across the county; and Building Schools for the Future, which could see investment totalling around £600 million in secondary education over the next 10 years.

Mark Gore, head of Warwickshire’s transforming education project, explains:
“Transformation is critical if we are going to educate young people in the skills they require for a future that is changing at breakneck speed. 

“We live in exponential times for example the number of text messages sent and received just today exceeds the population of the planet.  The rate of technological change is seismic.  We are preparing young people for jobs which do not yet exist.  We need to create flexible, resilient learners with the skills to enable them to cope well in a fast changing world.

“To tackle these challenges we will be discussing a range of idea and sharing experiences, with the best educational minds, to see what this could mean for Warwickshire.

“Building Schools for the Future is the Government’s ambitious programme to renew or rebuild every secondary school in the country by 2022.  A similar programme of capital investment is in place for primary schools, the Primary Strategy for Change.

“These two ambitious programmes are not principally about investment in our buildings but how we can use that investment to deliver a new vision for education in Warwickshire and transform our schools for the 21st Century and the communities they serve.”