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Campaign for domestic sprinklers now launched!

Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Gary Phillips, presented a compelling case to install domestic sprinklers into homes across Warwickshire at a recent Communities Overview and Scrutiny meeting.

Whilst Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service have made excellent progress in reducing the number of deaths and injuries from fires in Warwickshire, there are few emergencies which can have such an immediate and major impact as a fire in a home, school, industrial premise or business. This was most evident with the fire at Avon Valley School in 2004 and Moreton Hall, Warwickshire College in 2008.

The cost of fire in residential buildings remains one of the largest contributors to the total economic costs of fire in the UK, accounting for 28% of the overall cost.
Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Gary Phillips said:
“In 2007 there were 527 fires nationally which involved sprinkler systems. 248 were contained or extinguished by the sprinklers. Only 16 in total operated, but did not manage to contain the fire to its room of origin.

“As a firefighter, I have seen the devastation fire deaths can cause, most of which could have been avoided had a domestic sprinkler been installed.  Councillors on the Overview and Scrutiny committee have given me their full support to progress the campaign and I will now be approaching partners involved in the planning and development to raise awareness of the benefits of installing sprinklers in all new build homes across Warwickshire.” 

Portfolio Holder for Community Protection, Councillor Richard Hobbs said:
“We know that domestic sprinklers save lives, reduce injuries and decrease the risk to our communities. Getting support to move forward with the campaign is a real endorsement of how serious we are about making the residents of Warwickshire safer and I am sure that the Deputy Chief Fire Officer will successfully raise the profile of domestic sprinklers to our partners across Warwickshire. “

For more information on fire safety log onto http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/fireandrescue