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Police services at Southam Library soon

From 10 May, Warwickshire Police front office services including the reporting of crimes, incidents, anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance, will be delivered from Warwickshire Direct at Southam Library.

Lost and found property enquiries, applications for pedlars certificates, firearms licences and data protection requests will also be available at the Library, where staff will be able to put you in touch with local officers and access the local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Police front office services are already delivered from Warwickshire Direct at Warwick’s Shire Hall, Globe House in Alcester and Kenilworth Library, giving members of the public access to a wider range of services under one roof.

In recent weeks, police front office services have also started to be delivered through Warwickshire Direct in the north of the county, at the Warwickshire Direct one stop shops in Atherstone and Bedworth and at Coleshill Library.

From 10 May, police front office services will also start to be delivered from Warwickshire Direct and Shipston Library.

The services available at Southam Library will include those currently offered at Southam Police Station. Warwickshire Direct staff have received full training from experienced police staff and will be given ongoing support.

Supt Adrian McGee, Head of Customer Contact at Warwickshire Police said:
“Warwickshire Police has reviewed all policing services and the facilities required to support them. This includes front offices at police stations. When we measured the demand for Southam police front office services we found it only received a daily average of seven to eight visitors during a day.

“These changes enable us to make better use of our resources and thus provide a more effective and efficient service to the public and we welcome this partnership opportunity to offer this kind of service in Southam and feel sure that the local community will benefit.

“Warwickshire Police is committed to dealing with every enquiry by delivering the right service, first time and providing local people better access to facilities when they need them most.”

Councillor Colin Hayfield, Portfolio Holder for Customers, Workforce and Partnerships at Warwickshire County Council, said: “This is an opportunity to expand and deliver police front office services at Southam Library through Warwickshire Direct.

“This places Southam Library at the heart of the local community so it becomes a ‘front door’ for local council and community services. “

At present, Warwickshire Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams operate out of Southam Police Station and work is ongoing to identify and then relocate to a new Safer Neighbourhood Office within the town. This facility will enable the team to book in and off, pick up equipment and vehicles and then go out into the community where they are needed most.

At this time the police station will remain an operational base until the Safer Neighbourhood Teams moves out when the station will be closed, at a date still to be determined.

The public are reminded that all members of the Warwickshire Police force remain committed to protecting communities from harm and will not be distracted from this need by these changes.